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Nov. 7, 2009 show - St. Elmo history with Craig Huse


St. Elmo Steak House - historic imageWhen the St. Elmo Steakhouse opened at 127 S. Illinois St. in downtown Indianapolis in 1902, it consisted of only a barroom and one small dining room, which now serves as its kitchen. Its turn-of-the-last-century Chicago saloon décor has changed little since its opening.


In 1904, the opening of the Indianapolis Traction Terminal spilled thousands of businessmen from interurban lines out into the intersection of Market and Illinois, contributing to St. Elmo's success. And yes, we say business "men" because St. Elmo's historically had been one of those "male bastions" of politicking, dealmaking, and celebrating. Although, of course, times have changed, and now even business "men" eat sushi. Though you won't find that on the St. Elmo menu.


With Nelson out on assignment, our live in-studio will be guest host and Central Indiana broadcaster Daina Chamness, who also makes hand-crafted pies when not orchestrating Daina Chaimness waiting on customersthe activities of her seven children. No, she's doesn't live in a shoe, but she does have her fingers in many pies and is constantly busy. She'll be chatting with guest Craig Huse, owner of St. Elmo since 1997, about the restaurant's illustrious history. We expect to hear thrilling tales about St. Elmo during the Prohibition years, the betting in the back of the house during the 1920's, JFK's visit, and the impact of the opening of the Circle Centre Mall in 1996.


Did you know that St. Elmo's doors open only to the street and not to the inside of the Circle Centre Mall, even though all the other restaurants have access to both?


Daina doesn't have to be the only one asking questions. Our call-in number is (317) 788-3314.


Image of St. Elmo Steakhouse from Bass Photo Co. Collection, Indiana Historical Society.


History Mystery question


Vernon cemeteryTwo famous Indy race care drivers are buried near one another in Vernon Cemetery in Jennings County. Name the two famous drivers. Hint: One of them is credited with being instrumental in the revival of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after World War II.


The call-in number is (317) 788-3314, and the prize is a gift certificate to St. Elmo Steakhouse, courtesy of our guest, Craig Huse.


Roadtripper - My Indiana: 101 More Places to See


Book cover of My Indiana: 101 More Places to SeeFilling in for Chris Gahl, who also is out on assignment, will be his colleague, Amy Lamb, media relations manager for the Indiana Historical Society. In addition to having welcomed her son, Leo Robert, into the world on June 7 of this year, Amy also wants to let us know that the Stardust Terrace Café and Basile History Market are now officially open at the Indiana History Center.


Amy will be featuring a Roadtrip from one of our beloved Hoosier authors who died this September, Earl Conn of Muncie. Her pick is from Earl's most recent book, My Indiana: 101 More Places to See. By the way, Earl Conn appeared on last December's Holiday Author Fair show with Nelson Price, which was done as a live remote from the Indiana History Center.


Tune in Dec. 5 at 11:30 a.m. for the 2009 version of Hoosier History Live! direct from the Holiday Author Fair!

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Coming up on Hoosier History Live!

Nov. 14 — Johnny Appleseed: The Facts & Myths

His real name was John Chapman. He probably died in 1845 in Allen County, where the largest city, Fort Wayne, celebrates a popular Johnny Appleseed Festival every autumn. Did he wear a saucepan on his head, as depicted in Walt Disney cartoons? What were the facts, and what were the myths or embellishments, about the folk hero of the Indiana frontier known as Johnny Appleseed?


Hank Fincken as Johnny AppleseedTo enlighten us, one of the country’s foremost experts on Johnny Appleseed will join Nelson in studio. His guest will be Indianapolis-based re-enactor and playwright Hank Fincken, who has spent decades researching Appleseed/Chapman. Hank portrays colorful, eccentric Johnny Appleseed at schools, festivals, fairs and special events; his website is at hankfincken.com.


According to most accounts, John Chapman was born in New England in 1774 and began his travels across the frontier in part to spread his spiritual beliefs. He was a pacifist and a vegetarian who befriended many Native Americans. In several regions of Indiana, particularly northern counties, residents have long been convinced that various trees are descended from seeds planted by Johnny. Is this possible? Tune in to get the scoop on Appleseed.


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